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SUPA® Slim

The new SUPA Slim is designed without any unnecessary bulk, making it one of dentistry’s smallest disposable prophy angles. Every •••▶

Prophylaxis Paste

This premium formulation is the perfect consistency for removing stains with virtually no splatter. Oral-B® Sweetened with xylitol, •••▶

Fluoride Varnish

Oral-B 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish is used to treat hypersensitive dentin. The thin, smooth formula dries clearly and is easily applied to •••▶


Oral-B Minute-Foam is a gluten-free 1.23% APF fluoride foam available in four great-tasting flavors infused with xylitol: Bubble Gum, •••▶


These single-arch fluoride trays are made with a durable foam design that locks fluoride in and keeps moisture out. Centrays are •••▶


These dual-arch fluoride trays are made with a durable foam design that locks fluoride in and keeps moisture out. Centwins are available •••▶


Oral-B Neutra-Foam is a gluten-free, 2% neutral sodium fluoride foaming solution available in a great-tasting mint flavor infused with •••▶


Oral-B NeutraCare® is a mint-flavored home topical treatment with 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride for the prevention of dental •••▶

Disclosing Tablets

Oral-B Dual Detection Disclosing Tablets quickly reveal both older and newer plaque on teeth in two distinct colors. This fast-acting, •••▶


The Oral-B® SUPA® Disposable Prophy Angle operates quietly and smoothly for efficient prophylaxis procedures. This prophy angle is •••▶

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Oral-B® Practitioner Series™ Prophylaxis Paste

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Oral-B® Practitioner Series™ SUPA® Slim Disposable Prophy Angle

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Oral-B® Practitioner Series™ 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish

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Young Dental Announces Licensing and Partnership with Orab-B

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New Oral-B Practioner Series Offers Line of Professional Dental Products

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Young Dental Partners with Procter & Gamble

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Licensing Partnership

Young Dental has licensed the Oral-B name to professional dental products, resulting in the launch of the new Oral-B Practitioner Series. With the SUPA Slim DPA, prophylaxis paste, fluoride varnish and disclosing tablets, the Oral-B practitioner series offers a comprehensive collection of professional preventive products tailored specifically for the dental hygienist. Contact your preferred dental dealer for more information or to place an order today.

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